Productivity for real estate professionals has remained stagnant since 1945 - this includes owners and developers on tight timelines and budgets. Without purpose-built technology, project delivery teams have relied on static spreadsheets and clunky legacy applications better suited for accountants or construction teams. These high-skilled teams deserve a modern solution to increase productivity and realize true time and cost savings. It’s time for a change. Upgrade with Northspyre

[X] Tedious, labor-intensive administrative work slowing down your projects, derailing your timeline and inflating your budget

[X] Highly-paid, highly-skilled talent spending 30% of their work hours on low-value tasks like data entry
[+] Up to 80% reduction of low-value, administrative work 

[+] Automation of monthly cost report generation, reducing a 2 week process to seconds

[+] Elimination of data entry
[X] Outdated legacy software or error-prone, static spreadsheets tracking your multi-million dollar projects [+] Access to proactive insights, ensuring your project is tracking against every key milestone, financial target and day-to-day task 
[X] Information silos keeping critical knowledge segmented and timely decision-making near impossible  [+] Instant, 360 degree visibility into project + portfolio data with visual dashboards
[X] Data credibility issues leading to miscalculated budget lines, over + under paid vendors, and unimpressed financial partners [+] Comprehensive 3-dimensional data stored in a single, intuitive platform, significantly reducing human error     
[X] Inconsistent communication + collaboration creating unnecessary roadblocks [+] Share real-time, digital reports with key stakeholders within seconds