It’s no secret your real estate project team has a lot to manage. It may not be as obvious, however, where the majority of their time is being spent – or misspent. Is it on high-impact decision-making or low-value administrative tasks? Are they overburdened with tedious, time-consuming assignments? Do they wish they could stop wasting time on responsibilities that fall outside their scope of work?

Understanding where your team may be wasting their valuable time will help you redirect their efforts to focus on what matters most: delivering projects on-time and on-budget, without unnecessary distractions. So stop wasting time and start saving money on your projects today.     

1174 HOURS Save Valuable Time and MoneyManually collecting, filing, scanning and entering invoices, contracts, change orders, vendor certificates of insurance and other documents (something your accounting team may also be bogged down with)
2141 HOURS Eliminate Data EntryResolving spreadsheet errors + inconsistencies and reconciling data across documents
3100 HOURS Eliminate Administrative TasksAssembling weekly/monthly cost + budget reports for JV partners, financial partners or clients
415 HOURS* Save Valuable Time and Money= over 10, 40-hour work weeks
= over 2 months of lost time per year

Time is one of your most precious resources, especially when managing a complex, high-stakes project. Consider automating these tedious tasks to stop wasting time. Let your project team focus on the bigger picture: successfully completing projects on-time and on-budget. Upgrade with Northspyre.

*Data aggregated from more than 100 real estate professionals

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