How to be a Data-driven Decision-maker on Your Next Real Estate Project

Collect and leverage data for real estate development

Data is important - you get it. You read about it in the news. Consultants advise you on “leveraging it”. You know that leaders in other advanced sectors - like finance, retail and transportation - use it constantly to strengthen their business, take market share and drive revenue. But you’re curious what exactly data can…

Prepare Your Real Estate Operation for a Potential Economic Downturn

Prepare for Economic Downturn

Increased chatter about a forthcoming economic downturn has leaders in many sectors planning for the worst. Who can blame them? With increased trade war tensions, volatile pricing in global gateway markets like NYC, San Francisco and London, the removal of SALT deductions, uncertainty surrounding the coworking business model and global economists calling for a recession…

Your Monthly Cost Report is Not a Replacement for a Forward-Looking Anticipated Cost Report

Monthly Cost Report

The monthly cost report is one of the most important documents for a real estate project team. It is the trusty report that documents all project activity from the past 30 days, securing necessary financing (the “draw request”) and ensuring that all key stakeholders are kept in the loop regarding project status. It is not,…

The Domino Effect: Why 70% of Real Estate Project Delays Happen Before Construction Begins

Real Estate Project Delays

Real estate project delays are a hard reality of commercial and residential development. Whether it’s a ground-up construction, a major renovation, an interior fit-out or something in between, most projects end up surpassing their expected completion date. But oftentimes the “why” of the delay is misunderstood. Yes, weather can impact the timing of ground break…

Your Crystal Ball: Build Credible, Data-driven Forecasts for Your Most Complex Real Estate Projects

Credible data-driven forecasts

Ever find yourself bogged down in spreadsheets trying, unsuccessfully, to build credible, data-driven forecasts that anticipates where your project is headed? Are you constantly looking backward at historical costs instead? Do you wish you could confidently predict and account for future challenges and opportunities to ensure projects come in on-time and on-budget? You’re not alone.…

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